Eggs Benedict and Enchiladas

So I have an obsession with challah…I mean, if you’ve ever tasted challah there is no reason why you should be eating white or wheat bread (unless you want to actually eat healthily). It’s not only delicious but very versatile. One night I made a salmon sandwich with it and the next it’s sitting under my poached eggs. Speaking of poached eggs, this was my second attempt in my life and I think they came out pretty well. Besides the meat you put on top of an eggs benedict, the other, possibly forgotten, item you shouldn’t skimp on is what goes between the bread and the eggs. Last time I put jam, and this time I put spicy mustard. Either way, don’t forget it!


I know this is not in the realm of brunch but I have to share a good way of using leftovers. We made this dish so many times that the leftovers concoction became a regular staple on our dinner menu. You may not have a Haitian living in your house. That is ok, you don’t need a Haitian for you to make Haitian chicken (or whichever way you love to make chicken). But if you want to make it Haitian-style, I’ll share a must-have mixture you can use to flavor most meats. There aren’t approximate measurements, but you take some scallions, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper (a quarter of the pepper or so because it’s really spicy!), cilantro and olive oil, blend it together and you have a nice green meat paste. You take that seasoning, plus whatever other spices you like (brunel prefers paprika and celery salt), throw it on the chicken and then bake it at 300 deg for 45 minutes. Brunel and I then put that shredded chicken onto a tortilla with shredded cheese, corn, and little bit of El Paso salsa. We line them up on a baking sheet, pour the rest of the salsa over them with some cheese, bake for 10 minutes at a low heat and TADA! Enchiladas! Clearly, there are many possibilities of seasoning and sauces, which is why I think it’s great to have it in your back pocket to pull out for many types of occasions.



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