Mac and Cheese

In our quest for saving money, mac and cheese is a perfect dish to make since it’s not only comfort food, but really filling. There are many different ways to make a mac and cheese, but the classic never fails. We need meat in ours, though, so Brunel put in chicken and bacon, for extra crunch. My favorite thing to do is to make it with different types of pasta, so this time we did it with orecchiette (little ears).


I don’t know why I never made my own breadcrumbs, but I have to tell you that freshly made, they are so good. Especially in dishes heavy with breadcrumbs, it makes a huge difference in the taste. I might try to experiment soon with putting different herbs in with it, but just plain is really nice too. Brunel also used an ingredient I wouldn’t have thought of using in it, evaporated milk. But it gave it an extra-rich and creamy texture, though don’t skimp on the butter! After you mix everything up just pop it in the oven for 25 min at 350 deg and voila!


Adapted from the mac and cheese on allrecipes


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