Challah French toast with homemade ricotta and strawberry compote

I like using local ingredients as much as possible so I couldn’t resist buying a nice loaf of challah from our favorite coffee shop. Since we’re trying to save money we decided to make brunch on Saturdays instead of going out for it. It works out better really because you can always make something you’re craving instead of trying to find something on the menu that looks appealing.

We slightly adapted the french toast recipe from see you in the morning by putting allspice in the mix instead of vanilla extract (also, I was too lazy to go downstairs to the store). Don’t forget to use quality eggs because you can taste the difference! Also, strawberries are in season and I thought it would be nice to make a little compote to go on it. I loosely followed this recipe for the compote from the food network.

Brunel had to make bacon so most likely you’ll always see it accompany our food 🙂




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